SQL in the real world

for you DBAs:- http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/hoffie?entry=sma….Smashup: SQL for the “Real World”Excerpts from the new smashup “SQL for the ‘Real World’” Part of O’Reily’s “Add some geek to your cool” series. Lesson 1 Goal: Introducing the use of _ and ‘’ into everyday language Select clothes from stores where cool_friends like ‘to shop’Lesson 2Goal: Introducing the use of = and capitalization SELECT cheeseburger FROM menu WHERE fast_food_chain=’Sonic’ ORDER BY drive_thru_window Lesson 3 Goal: Introducing the use of . () and >UPDATE your.morals_with VALUES(‘bling’,’cool’,’hot’) WHERE your.living=’on_your_own’ AND your.age > 18 AND your.opinion_is LIKE ‘totally’ Lesson 4 Goal: Putting it all together SELECT guy AS boyfriend, SUM(bank_accounts) AS bling FROM club_scene WHERE body=’hot’ AND peers_say=’he’’s cool’ GROUP BY boyfriend HAVING bling > 100,000 via a Sun employee I previously worked with.