Navigating around Camillian Sampran

Map Overview

On the map are several key location markers that help navigate the area.

Nearby Places to stay

Travelling locally

It is easiest to flag down a taxi. Open Google Maps on your phone and point to the destination. Short distance routes are simple and straightforward.

Going to Camallian Sampran Social Center, my destination point is M Coffee. From there, I cross the skywalk bridge, past the 7-11, down the alley, and to the nursing home. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk. It is a tad easier than explaining directions into the alley (Soi Moi Sri), then into the inner alley. Cost is 80-100 Baht.

On the way back, walk to the 7-11 near the corner of the alley and grab a taxi (there should a few lined up) to McDonalds (as an easy reference point), if you are staying at Tulip Square or Jolly Suites. Cost is 80-100 Baht.

Note: flagging a taxi, even with Grab Taxi, for pickup at Camallian Sampran Social Center is fairly difficult.

Calendar of Doctor’s Appointments

To the hospital and back.

If Mom needs to fast before her blood tests, make sure that you tell the nurses to not serve breakfast and that she needs to be ready for pick-up at a certain time. Bring bananas to eat after the blood test. And, bring her appointment slips and medication, too. The nurses can help.

I use Grab Taxi for multi-destination rides. It’s easiest to input Camallian Sampran Social Center and then Mahachai 2 Hospital. Just have the taxi pull up into the loading area. The hospital will have a wheelchair for her, so don’t worry about her transport chair. Cost is ~180-200 Baht.

Note: if you are using Grab Taxi, give extra time because there aren’t many in the area.

At the end, pay the bill (credit card accepted) and save the receipt for reimbursement. If new medication is administered or dosage has changed, listen carefully to the instructions as the Camallian Sampran Social Center nurses need to know as well. The medication should have instructions, too.

On the way back, after discharge, the attendant can call a taxi for you. Cost is 60-80 Baht.

Random Tips