Timeline (1999-2023)

Air quality
Peace to you always, mom.
Chatter at home
That time when I locked myself out of the car.
Renting in Bangkok
Furniture stores in Thailand
Visiting Bangkok

Friendly advice about visiting Bangkok.

Finally. I finally got my Thai ID card.
2018: A year in review
Caring for a diabetic

Understanding and controlling diabetes is difficult especially when it's not yourself.

Welcome to Thailand. Here, have another.
Moving to Bangkok
The Midlife Conundrum
Observations in Thailand
Inspirational Videos
How I Ended in Laos and not Vietnam.
This Journey Called Life
Everybody's Free
Learning to write again.
Silence of the Lames
Monthly dues

How much I spend on monthly services.

Keep on movin'
New year, new decade, new job
Favorite films of the past decade
2009: a year of some kind of i don't know
The kids are alright
Searching for meaning.
We just are.
was Kovacs, now Rorschach
Smokin' secession
Looking back, resolutions and all that malarcky
A Peek into Raptr
Y! Answerspedia?
the Rapture
Depression as a symptom and not a disease
Forthcoming media Linux server
Funny Buffy quotes
Look at me on the interwebs.
Buh-by!e Yahoo!
Last one out, turn off the lights.
Finding good things.
Why I tell friends to buy a Mac
Growing woes
til debt do us part.
Urgency as a product driver
My first Flickr video
Lifestreaming and better songs
The courtship
i can has an iphone
Voluntary breathing
how i get no work done and become unsettled
Computers are crap
Dumb data
Good words.
High Five
It's not funny.
Resuming and interviewing
In Rainbows
I die for original films.
Lookin' back at '07 and forward to '08
Topten films that made me question life, its significance and ask "what the hell is going on?"
Google answers back
Y! Answers birthday
The Last Kiss
For Our Parents - Who Gave Us Everything
Ask. Answer. Repeat.
Y! Answers Facebook App on YDN
Beginning of the end (how cliche)
Y! Answers messenger bot hack
Birthday surprise for the Original Yang-sta
Will work for tires
Topten Buffy
D'oh Angel cont.
D'oh Angel
It's a runaway for Social Search
Trophied (is that a real word?)
Wedding bells
SQL in the real world
Anca: Getting away from consumerism
Z in the newz.
Mom goes Hi-tech
Buffy and Academics
Fun at Y!
25 hours recap
I do, Yahoo!
Making AdSense
G! Search History
One more reason why TV sucks
The Mamas and The Papas
Y! News (beta)
You put the lime with the Coke (or something like that)
No sappy goodbyes please
I quit.
Please give ...
buying a home
Sin City premieres in April
not headed overseas
More Good Songs: 11-11-2004
Outsourcing Surgery to India
Less and less hairy.
Singapore or bust!
"What the Bubble Got Right" by Paul Graham
Little eiffel stands in the archway
Top 10 things likely to be overheard if you had a Klingon Programmer
Joss Whedon to direct X-men III
Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oliveros
2 short of 100 friends
Bay Area real estate and renting is absurd.
Old friends and current events.
Trip to LA / Project in Singapore
The Ladder Theory
7 most romantic TV couples (#2 - Buffy and Angel)
My tattoo man in college.
2 Gmail invites left.
Sun Solutions
Got Gmail?
Project follies and my attitude.
Monkeys in a cage.
Social Psych
Breaking the boredom ...
Dictionary.com: Nepotism
Monkey see. Monkey do.
Salute to m' Ma
Talking Tall
Marital stance
Fantasy woes.
What's up with Bay Area real estate?
Life to the Pixies
Talking to an old friend ...
Job of a Front-End Developer
How do you measure maturity?
My hero.
Children's names.
Serenity Now.
Setting it up!
Cubs will win the world series
Client is happy.
Software Engineering Jobs - Offshoring / Outsourcing
7th wheel
sunny day real estate
back in san fran
family gathering
iggy and stephanie
da get up kiddies and becca comes over
first day @ work
super 16-bit power
ocean's eleven
The Juliana Theory Concert
shorty's 26th b-day
shopping for goods
tuesday. it's been almost 2 months ...
jerry's new bike
out to thirteen
brian and MN
montana, idaho and north dakota
vancouver weekend
dinner with martin jacobs
saying byes and valter
waaaay past my bedtime ...
fi d'oh!
losing weight ...
second thoughts about SF .....
evited back for drinks but no job
losing my keys doesn't f*ckin' help
more frustration, MOMA, and some noodles
running outta $$$ and needs rising
dejected and frustrated
back to job hunting
weekend contract work to pay the rent
resigning from xchanges + myplay calls
uncomfortable at xchanges
just drinks with Wyatt
four points memories!
more work [not worth reading]
mark and jenny
bye suzz and hello berkeley!
meeting up with susie!!!
NT sucks balls ...
exchanges dot com, it is!
where do i work?
nothing big here --- just some drinking i guess
touring with the tourists
troy and nga in town
out in left field
evite me to an interview!
furniture! finally!
weekend blues?
Vivendo de Pao
still no furniture; i love my slanted floor
end of the contract; pay my bills time!
more contracting [dont' read this, it's boring]
contracting at guru.com
monday blues
first weekend in SF
frustration with the job hunt
moving in with nothing to move in ...
getting the apt on bush st!
apt. and job searching again
page's place