time to get up. gotta get to Midway. no time to dilly-dally, i’m off to San Francisco!

tense. nervous. always guessing to myself as whether my plans will follow through and whether i had completely lost my mind with the “go west young man!” notion; was i acting through my dream too prematurely? hmm. whatever. too late now.

after a 1.5 hour delay, i finally boarded the plane.


up, up and away…..

i pissed 3 times on the plane. the guy with the aisle seat must’ve been really annoyed. but i had to pee…..

(please adjust your watches to Pacific Standard Zone now)


atfer landing, i headed to the baggage claim. Page Mader, Four Points Digital’s prize Asst. Media Planner and a friend of mine from her days of interning at FPD a summer ago, picked me up. the trunk of her boyfriend’s MR2 couldn’t fit my suitcase, so i had to lay it across myself in the passenger seat. oh boy, i hope this isn’t a sign of things to come…..

we headed off to see my first apt. in the Mission. nice place, but a very sketchy ‘hood. (later bonged, oh well). next, we headed to Metrorent, so i could shell out $95 to see apt. listings. everything in SF costs a fuckin’ arm and a leg.

i called and called. some were already taken, some landlords weren’t home.

the San Francisco market for renting is prolly the worst in the world! every apt. has at least 5 people bidding…..some people, i’ve heard, go to SF with half o’ year’s rent to snatch an apartment. how ridiculously insane.

went to Safeway to buy a monthly MUNI pass. all-u-can-ride for $35! what a bargain!

then to Dragon Room Resturant for dinner with Page and her boy, Darren…..good hot ’n’ sour soup…..

later, i bought a paper to look for more apts. hmm…..nothing.


i’m tired.