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second day and night in SF, 6am

now it’s time to sneak a peek at FPD west (the SF office). we hopped on the MUNI and cruised into SOMA.

met Loic Kreitmann, FPD’s SF Network Administrator…..he and i had never met before this day, but coordinated FPD’s network — subnet/network sch, DNS, WINS, eMail, WAN link, intranet — for the past 5 months. he’s much younger-looking than i expected. he’s got killer burns. cool.

i met Peter Koo, FPD’s most excellent Media Planning dude…..John Busher, an Account Director…..Sandy Scherling, the Management Director…..and of course, Megan Griffin and Thomas McCue, FPD’s most loved Associate Media Director and Senior Art Director, respectively…..

all smart people. i think i would’ve loved working with ’em.

i’ve resumed log-tracking for FPD’s Grainger acct. — out of the goodness of my heart.


more apartment showings. argh. no more, please! plus, i couldn’t snag any of ’em.


back to FPD HQ.


call it a day. time to relax.


good night.