apt. and job searching again


good morning.


FPD. awaiting my first interview with Della&James.com, a Kleiner-Perkins funded internet startup focusing on online gift-registry and evolving into a portal for hot wishlists. pre-IPO, 60 member team: marketing, sales, creative, back-end development, etc.


interview lasts 3 hours including a brief lunch (had to reschedule my interview with Raremedium). smart people. at least 20 ivy-league graduates; very impressive and somewhat intimidating…..


one apartment showing. 1628 Bush St. #5 in Lower Pacific Hts. real nice place. new carpeting, kitchen, windows…..

from my observations, the peoples of SF aren’t beautiful. everyone has thier own unique style, but no one really stands out, unless you look at their funktified hairdo’s, hair colors, tattoos or piercings. i guess i fit in pretty well. =P~~~