moving in with nothing to move in ...


back to FPD. still looking for a job. waiting for replies from interviewed companies. where can they be???


bonged from Della&; from 6 interviewees i wasn’t chosen. bummer.


i’ve moved into my new apartment. i’ve noticed the floors are slightly angled; only in SF…..

i need supplies and some dinner! sushi. then to Whole Foods Market for candles, bananas, juice, and incense…..

i don’t have my furniture yet cause Golan’s Moving Services has been storing my bed, desk, clothes, etc. in Chicago for the past week. i don’t have electricity either, so i only have the candles to uide my way tonight…..kinda romantic….. ;P

oh, and i don’t have any pillows or blankets to keep me warm. and the floor isn’t too comfortable too. kinda lonely, here, too…..


i’m so tired…..