frustration with the job hunt



PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) knocks on my door to turn on my power. yes!


FPD. again.


lunch FPD @ Infusion where they serve Skyy Vodka “infused” with fruit, veggie, and spice flavorings. i forgot what i ordered but i’d recommend if ever you’re in SF. two thumbs up! =)


i’ve sent cover letters and resumes to Scient Corporation as a Web Technologist, WebShopper as Webmaster and THINK New Ideas as a Site Builder/Web Developer. i’ve also scheduled an interview with Otec Technologies. I’ve also contacted for contract work.

the job search is really frustrating especially considering i have no income and expenses continue.

I guess i’m not as indestructible as i thought i was.


i called Mike Gabriel, Mikey’s ex-girlfriend’s brother, to go out and see the scene. cool, we’re painting the town red tomorrow…..


took the MUNI to Union Square. I bought a pillow and blanket from Macy’s. $20 for frickin’ pillow covers; ya gotta be joking! i walked aimlessly through Borders, Giorgio Armani, and Virgin Megastore before buying half o’ case of Guinness and stumbling home at 9pm.