first weekend in SF




i can’t watch my saturday morning cartoons cause i don’t have a frickin’ TV!!!

anyways, i need to reaccess how i will distribute funds appropiately: food, entertainment, gear, pornography, furniture, etc.


headed to Union Square again; used my $10 gift certificate from the kids at Four Points Digital - Chicago. i bought more candles, a shirt, and over-the-shoulder messenger bag.

proceeded to Chinatown for dim sum and a much-needed haircut.


went to Mike Gabriel’s. we had dinner at a quaint Vietnamese shop just west of UCSF Medical School and east of Sunset. there, i met the CIO/co-founder of who had notched an account with Infoseek! and thereafter received funding from a higher power to expand his startup empire. i spoke with him briefly about employment; the problem is the company, located in San Mateo, won’t be moving to San Francisco for another month. maybe i can contract from home. oh did i mention that he’s only 23-years old…..


Mike & i headed to 26 Mix to chill and talk the dot com. cool people; no musclehead guidos or pretentious women prancing ‘round like they own the world. after 4 glasses of Glenlivet and one of Guinness, we decided to call it a night…..