monday blues



argh! monday morning. i better find a job.


job offer from cool beans. neato! good offer. i have a meeting with ’em at 4.30pm today to sign the deal (better be offering options); however, i’m hesitate about accepting. is the product marketable? isn’t McKinzie and Schwab already doing something similar — proprietary financial information offered to subscribers? ehhh…


meeting w/ Otec Technologies. they’re one of ’em recruiting firms.

in the middle of my interview, i get a call from Allana Spence at as a freelance content developer. ok. rates are fair ($40/hr), so i accept. the project was to develop an interactive prototype site before thursday, on which day focus groups will test its functionality and navigation. dang. no probs. started 5 weeks ago. it’s a portal (eventually an online B-to-B resource for HR) about gurus: contractors, consultants, freelancers, etc. we’re talking top-notch chief officers, stategic planners, information architects, creative directors…only the big kahunas are featured, but any contractor can sign up and submit their credentials in hopes of finding a freelance gig.

Harvard b-school grad heading up finances. the chief officers are lead by the Slavet bros., one of which helped launch (which was eventually bought by two information architects (super duper copywriters) from Wired and a surfin’ (cowabunga dude!) art director named Steve lead the creative team. smart and dynamic buncha peeps…


turned down the offer. i hope i don’t regret it. no, i won’t; i know if did accept, i’d prolly leave after a couple of weeks (ie. Frankel’s Digital Marketing Group)


home. lo mein for din-din. watched Cruel Intentions starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillipe, and Reese Witherspoon. bizaare. very erotic.