end of the contract; pay my bills time!


Guru.com: work til noon, doing revisions and redesigning layout issues.


sent home cause they have no more currentpressing needs. oh well. trekked south to the Sony Metreon. amazing! it must’ve been an architect’s dream to design the piece. the sun, breeze, green grass, waterfalls, etc. i can’t describe the inside but it’s…..awesome!

went to urban outfitters in Union Square and bought a 3/5 length coat. dope as hell. hella cool =P

journeyed towards home and ended browsing Polk street. bought more candles and cleaning supplies. rented Out of Sight starring George Clooney & Jennifer Lopez. she’s so beautiful. oh the goosebumps…..


to bed…or actually the floor…i haven’t a bed yet. soon. i hope.