weekend blues?


morning all. i went shopping for a shower rod, bathroom rugs, and hangers. good stuff.


went to Mike Gabriel’s again. we preceded to Border’s for some Chai and knowledge. rockin'.


called home to wish my brother a Happy 19th b-day! geez, i can still remember the day when he came back to the States after a brief stay in Thailand. he was only 3 yrs. old and hated my guts; i’m glad he doesn’t now. i love him so.


headed to Japantown for sushi; it was one of ’em floating-boat-around-the-chefs deal. good stuff.

i am running out flow. i’ve been buying too many little things for the apt. such as cleaning supplies, bath rugs, pillow, blanket, etc. where does the $$$ go? fuck, it’s going to be tight.

the freelance money from Guru.com will help plenty but the check, under the contract, will be sent 4 weeks after each weekly invoice. *&%^#@$! what can you do…my deposit money from the previous apartmant should be coming soon. give it a week. but i’m pretty zapped financially.

i need a steady income soon. man, this is tough…no probs…i’ll find a way through…