out in left field



interviewing with Leftfield right now. number seven. i’m tired of telling these people the same thing over and over and over…..next time, i’ll write up a powerpoint presentation and pitch ’em my services.

Leftfield’s a fantastic buncha peeps; it’s the company Four Points Digital wants to be. they started out in January with 40 associates, now they have 90 guns, and looking to hire 45 more, including an Atlanta office to service two of their clients. now do i want to go back to network administration? i guess if the price is right (right, Bob? ;P) then yeah, maybe…..


i cancelled my meeting with Raremedium.


Danny Lee calls to invite me to his wedding on the 18th of September. i accept, but wonder how much $$$ i can afford to blow during a critical time in my period of transition. but it’s for Daniel Lee?!? i must go! maybe. do i need a date? ewww…..


home to read and relax.


back at Four Points Digital to track Grainger numbers. grep grep grep.

email from Xchanges.com for a second interview with its CEO tomorrow morning. ugh.