touring with the tourists


to the Golden Gate Park! went to see the Asian Art Museum and Japanese Tea Garden w/ Troy and Nga…..the tea garden was beautiful…..


Cheng of calls to make me an offer. cool. first, i need to talk to the CEO for a formal interview and offer. monday.


Mike and I meet Evelyn, her boyfriend Matt, Cindy and her two friends Paul and Jenny for dinner at The Slanted Door. it actually doesn’t have a slanted door but serves great Pan-Asian food (highly reco’d although quite expensive).


we head out to the Mars Cafe. it’s a Marina-style bar located south of market. basically, if you want to relive your old frat days, this one’s for ya! House of Pain, Tone Loc, Ricky Martin. nuff said. ugh.

sorry if the style of writing has been pretty straightforward and quite bland; my creative powers aren’t juicing right now.