hungover. REALLY hungover. my stomach churns at the site of the bottle of Glenlivet in my kitchen. i lie passively in my bed waiting to die. this fuckin’ sucks.


Cindy and Jenny pick me up to get coffee. still hungover. my cognitive skills are coming back slowly but i still cannot process two and two.

i grab my Chai soy latte and we head to Golden Gate Park to throw frisbees and hack a sack. good time on a very beautiful day; too bad i had to waste half of it laying around like a piece o’ shit.

we decide to watch Mystery Men. funny movie. am i weird to find Jenny Garofalo attractive. i love her spunk. =P


we say bye to Ev and Matt before they head to the airport and catch the red-eye back to Chicago. bye Ev and Matt! buh-bye!