where do i work?



i receive an offer from Evite.com and Xchanges.com each; both are very generous offers with compensation plans, the former in the form of options and the latter a percentage of equity into the company. did i say that right?

i’ve decided on Evite.com because their product is already proven. the options package is also more attractive; furthermore, they have a greater chance of going public or being bought out by a major dot com player. four year vesting period means i’ll be here for a while to collect 100%, but it’ll all be worth it when i cash out my half o’ million…..yeah, i’m dreaming but it could happen; you never know…..


i call Cheng at Xchanges.com to turn down their offer. good salary and equity in the company; hard to pass up…..but i had made up my mind: i’m ready to kick some ass for Evite.com! rock n’ roll!


Cheng calls me back to persuade me to join the team. argh. no. please…i don’t wan—huh? signing bonus? more $$$ to my base? more equity into the company? well…err…let me call you back.

i desperately call Al from Evite.com to renegotiate the deal. no answer. i call again leaving a message.

i head to to Blowfish: Sushi To Die For! w/ Mike Gabriel to meet Cindy, Paul and Jenny. real good sushi with japanimation lighting up the screens and phat beats pulsating your mind…..mmm, all the better. rave-like atmosphere. eh, cool.


Cheng calls again; we schedule an “interview” at 10.30am tomorrow. no word from Al from Evite.com.


we (Mike, Paul, Cindy, Jenny & I) head to “Justice League.” drum and bass ALL night. you have to completely drugged to have fun: very LOUD music!

anyways, no word from Al.