exchanges dot com, it is!



i arrive to a bit late. for over 4 hours, i meet with 6 different people each of which tries to sell me the goods at the biz is built by a couple of Investment Bankers from Goldman-Sachs and a buncha peeps from dot coms: Lycos, CBS Sportsline, Verticalnet, Whowhere, etc.

i accept the offer.

their model is based on the eHub, a procurment site linking buyers and sellers together. see the Business Week 2.0 article to read more on the evolving e-commerce industry. most companies focus on e-services or sites linking businesses and consumers, but now is the era (or so they predict) where b-to-b “nets” will be the next wave in e-commerce. can’t tell you the specifics of the game plan but the market (specifically this niche) is ours for the taking — no direct competitors.

Web Engineer’s my title. i have multiple hats to wear: working w/ Phoenix-Pop and our server engineers on design, layout and information architecture; adminstrator (firewall, bringing email in-house).

this better be worth it.


i head home to watch Meet Joe Black for the upteenth time. didja know Claire Forlani is half-Indian and half-British; whatta combo: stunning eyes, beautiful neck, and silky-smooth hair…..hubba hubba…..