meeting up with susie!!!



back to work. a full day’s of work. went to Phoenix Pop to meet the people building the strategy of the website. awesome place. i’d love to work there one day.


i meet Susie Kim at the BART station. i haven’t seen her in ages. we head to Chinatown for Japanese. afterwards, she’s adament about buying one of em Chinese umbrellas. she drags me ‘round a dozen places, inspecting every li’l detail to find that perfect ‘brella.

we head to the Metreon. the demo of the Playstation II is incredible; plus Final Fantasy VIII’s allowed to played (but not bought). whatta game! i can’t wait! 9/9/99!


we head to Mike Gabriel’s friend’s place and then to Potrero Hill Brewery for a couple of drinks.


home to sleep. Susie takes the bed and i get the living room floor. what? didja think something was going to happen? please….. ;P that’s for you, Susie…..