four points memories!



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i don’t want to bore you with details of work. let’s just call it a day.

head to FPD to visit Wyatt Mitchell, Four Points Digital’s star Sr. Art Director, who has been transplanted to SF to work on a 3Com project with Thomas McCue. it;s good to see that bugger again! actually, i miss all those quirky (sp?) creative folks back in Chicago.

Fred and his diet cokes. Jim and his kung-fu movies. Janet and…oh, it’s Janet, c’mon! Ariel whose middle finger can’t stop from popping up everywhere you look. Joe and his fruits. and his deliverables. nuff said. Misa (see Janet). Jose and his damn tequila shots. Mario’s red shoes. Andrew who proclaimed that i was the “best pissed-off IT guy” around! ahh, straight to the heart…Patricia and her free spirit (check out: — i helped build the site!). Christina…boo!!!

ha ha ha.

Wyatt, Thomas, and I eat at Infusion. good stuff.