weekend contract work to pay the rent



contract work begins. couple of weird things to note:

  • all contractors (including yours truly) are using AOL Instant Messenger to communicate. Ian gives us different areas to work on. I use my personal web server to show him my work. one guy is in Idaho cranking the shit out.
  • one of the contractors takes a little break. most of us are wondering where she went. soon enough, she returns to the chat line: she just went through labor and had a baby! Congratulations, Gwen!

i bet you you’ve never heard of something like that before!

Ian Rhett (check his site: www.ianrhett.com) used to work with Razorfish. hmm, good connection; plus, he’s a super-dope guy to work with. laid-back. creatively funny. he was hella cool… =P


i head out to Bubblelounge to meet Jenny and Mark (the designer from Excite).

as i walk aimlessly through the yuppie lounge, i bump into Stephen, the CEO of Xchanges.com. oops. awkward situation, but i think i handled myself appropiately.

he’s an understanding person, and genuinely looked disappointed in my departure. i like the guy (not in that way you freaks!) cause he believed in me and my potential. but not everyone was like that to me.

after three glasses of my favorite, Glenlivet, i head home drunk and satisfied after 12.5 hours of work and an hour to unwind.