dejected and frustrated


phone interviews all morning. five in total. none of which fit the bill of what environment i want to work in.

one of the recruiters loved my chronicles section. damn, so i have to pass-protect that too!?! might ppl find me weird after reading my online journal?


back to FPD to visit Wyatt and the gang. check my email too. a dozen emails re: my resume. some recruiters, a lot of dot coms. frustrating.

i realize i’ve fucked up with they should’ve been it. i should’ve followed my gut feeling and taken their offer. their bowling shirts should’ve sold me then and there. shit. double shit. fucked.

no regrets though. i have to keep my head up and look upwards. oh gawd, pass the advil, prozac, or anything that will sedate me…..

i guess i was too greedy and now i have to worry about having enough steaks in freezer.


i call Jerry to see what he’s up to…he and Naomi want to visit in October. sure. no probs. after 2.5 years of living w/ him in college, i will again be reunited with the power of his snore. might i say that it is powerful! like the quick thrust of a crushing monsoon, it’ll swoop in and knock your head off! ;P ehh…


going home dejected.