running outta $$$ and needs rising



interview w/ In Vision Communications as Web Producer. cool people, but not me. they do all sorts of multimedia: video, 3D modeling, etc.; a wide range, but not totally focused on the web.


going to Safeway to buy groceries. i get my first Safeway discount card. yeah. sandwich meats, cheese, mayonaise, pasta, etc.


now i’m here spinning my web of chronicle magic, trying to keep my spirits up. ho hum. this is my sixth week; eight interviews, three offers, two contract gigs later, i’m still unemployed…..

the pain.

i don’t think it would hurt so bad if my rent and debt weren’t so high. running out of funds and i will not ask my mother for help.

so many things left to buy. futon, coffee table, toaster, microwave, etc. sucks.

my life’s been one hell of a roller coaster, but i don’t know if ever i have dipped so low.

i was banking on that signing bonus from and now that’s up in a puff of smoke!


call from another start-up! dot com, dot com, dot com! when will it end?!?

anyways, it’s Web Development team. sounds interesting. tomorrow. interview. 11am. VP of Engineering/Production. Tom Memmott. i’m on the prowl again. growl