more frustration, MOMA, and some noodles



interviewed with and found out they’re a small web development company. hippies run the exec team. i agree to freelance for ’em. starting on Monday.

tired of interviewing. tired of running around telling the same old story.


Starcraft. i haven’t played since i got here. so i marathon it til 6pm…my life for auir…


i meet Jen and her friends at the SF MOMA, the Art Museum in the southern parts of the Tenderloin. An artist named Bill Viola is featured. crazy medium. lotsa video, sub-concious conversations, refracted lights, etc. kinda bizaare.

we meet Mike Gabriel later for dinner in the Embarcadero. oodles of noodles for ya…


home to rest. hmm. can’t seem to find my keys. fuckin’ a, i lost my keys. i guess it hasn’t been my week, and now bullsh*t like this…..

i stay at Mike’s.