evited back for drinks but no job



Mike & i gun to Daly City to Home Depot for research and supplies. Filipino capital of the States? yeah, i guess…


dinner with a couple of his friends at We Be Sushi in the Inner Sunset. good fish.

meet a girl from DigitalThink.com; they provide web-based course training to clients such as Adobe, Macromedia, etc. 170+ people and growing. IPO in 6-12 months? interesting. i’ve already forwarded my resume to her, so we’ll see what becomes of DT.

i’m not as excited as i used to be about dot coms, the gulch, the valley. i guess i’m drained from it all.


meet Al Lieb from Evite.com for drinks. it was awkward initially, but he’s such a cool guy, it didn’t matter anyways. good time. we went to Yancey’s (sports bar) and then a pizza parlor (Al was hungry).

a couple of drinks later, i was ready for bed. besides Iggy (that crazy mofo from Madbar) is coming tomorrow.