losing weight ...


at Percepticon.com; freelance galore. i’m interviewing at Phone.com on wednesday. yeah. the project is supposed to be guarenteed til mid-October.

man, everyone smokes at Percepticon.com! i think i took over 10 cig breaks. that ’s a lot during an 10 hour work day.

saw an ad for Gazoontite.com

interesting project comin’ down the wire: iCourthouse. settle your cases online; prosecute your arch enemy and have various web surfers judge your law suit. huh? Judge Judy online? only YOU are the infamous judge!


home, up the hills from Cow Hollow into Low Pac Hts.

i call Danny Lee, whose wedding is on saturday…the butterflies are fluttering…i can bring one guest to the gala. hmm, who should i ask…

DL works for Provillage.com. feedback, please. research purposes. seriously.

one day, i’ll get married and li’l Walter’s will be running ‘round…heh heh…gimme a couple o’ years… ;P

watched Ally McBeal (just won an emmy yesterday for best comedy series). i only watch Fox television. it’s not that i love to watch mr. Murdoch’s network, but because Fox is the only clear channel i can get.

just went to the local shop to buy Red Hook Ale. drinking now to calm my senses. i think i’m losing weight; my watch is slipping farther down my arm. the good thing is my flabby beer gut has flattened a bit.

pump up Face to Face, waiting for Iggy to get back from Capoiera.

FYI, to give ya the lowdown on mr. Iggy…well, he’s Brazilian. um…oh, he works at Madbar, bartending and attending school. he’s got some CRAZY tats; more ink than me…gets the chicks with his accent…

commercial for Autoweb.com