The Juliana Theory Concert

nothing happening during the day … let’s jump to the concert …

i met up with everyone at the Gingerman Tavern for the Juliana Theory concert. Ky, Jini, Andy, Mike, Jeff, Mario, Jean, Jen, and John. not too bad of a turn-out; most ppl can’t tolerate anything but a blaring DJ and obnoxious ppl at some poor overhyped club with nit-picky bouncers collecting outrageous covers so patrons can purchase their $9 martinis. anyways, i didn’t know it was an all-ages show and that the Theory was such a chick band; there were tons of teenage girls yelling and screaming like they were some boy band. well, their set was good. they opened up with some fo their more popular tunes then drowning to their more meloncholic ballads [made me want to barf].

afterwards, the group split up. Mike, Jeff, and i went to some hot dog joint to garf down some grease. i got home at 11.30pm; yay!