da get up kiddies and becca comes over


on sunday, Brendan, Christy, and i went to the Get Up Kids concert at the House of Blues. their new album is kinda hum glum; the crowd only got into em when they played some of their old shit. i got pretty drunk and had a stomach ache all day monday. blech.

monday, becca came over with some delicious indian food; she needed to use my puter and ’net connection to do some research for one of her projects. she ended up perusing yahooza.com for over an hour, adding links and comments … ha ha ha ha …

i finally received my fluevog boots and boy, they are super dope! i am cooooool now … ha ha ha … my monitor also arrived and now i have a display system, with 2 desktops spanning across 2 15" flat panels … now, i am more coooool … ha ha ha ha!

nighty nite!