iggy and stephanie

it’s been awhile since i’ve written into the journal. it’s been hectic at work and i flew to chicago for yet another wedding.

iggy and stephanie were married sunday. they make a beautiful couple and their kids will be likewise — he’s brazillian and she’s half chinese / half norwegian. they’re moving to new york in october to begin their new life together (what a way to begin) …

i saw all my closest friends. mario, jerry, naomi, mikey, leslie, jean, etc. we ate some of the best “catered” wedding food (you know, it ain’t so good most of the time). iggy’s father seranaded each table, singing portugese ballads. i just smiled =)

3 couples have married: ky and jini, iggy and stephanie, and jason and jocelyn. soon to come: jen shim and allan, and then trent and jen (mochi) uyeda.