My hero.


Malcolm Reynolds. He’s my hero and he’s not even a real person. Maybe it’s my beliefs that there is a greater good inherited in all of us, and few of us realizing because of circumstance of society. I mean, i’m working 40 hours a week to make a living but i’m not touching lives, i’m not making anyone smile exuberantly, i’m not teaching or sharing my pleasures and learnings of life … Granted, I do sometimes crack a pathetic joke and within its failure to actaully crack a laugh, it succeeds … make any sense? ha, didn’t think so … But back to Mal, the captain of a boat, the Serenity, a Firefly class transporter spacecraft … Joss whedon, the series’ writer, molded him into a man of principle: a petty thief with the conscience of gold. I believe in him (or namely the character) because he always acts on the “right thing” to do. In the second episode of Firefly, after he and his crew hijack medicines from the Alliance (government, bad, but not evil guys in the series), he knows he must return the shipment to the town of sickened it was destined for. You have to see the the episode to feel it. He’s so cool. He’s unlike other Whedon heroes like Buffy and Angel, because he’s human and not bestowed with magical ass-whoopin’ powers. Well, I can’t really explain the effect the character has on me; you’ll have to watch the series. Episodes to look forward to: Out of Gas and War Stories. Then maybe you’ll see the hero. And he also gets the hottest mama. sorta. not really. see for yourself … He’s so fuckin cool.