How do you measure maturity?

A friend of mine asked me if i thought i was mature. “hmm,” i said, “never even close.” I don’t know if the comment was intended to be facetious, or if it was my constant nagging (is that the right word here?) of American media with all the reality shows, “music” (think MTV and how fairly talented dames with pornstar-like bodies shake their hips to sell records to adolescents), and machismo marketing — Maxim mags, beer commericials, porn, etc.. I can be overwhelming when it comes to the crap in America. Do i think i am smarter / more aware than the average American? You betcha! Am I more mature because I believe so? Nah, not really. But I do strive to be more mature, to think that I am growing into a responsible adult … I must stop thinking so hard …