Project follies and my attitude.

i have a bad temper. i used to be a happy-go-luck college kid, nihilistically pushing through life with a bottle of liquor in one hand and a cigarette in the other, i had no worries, because i didn’t care … about anything. After college, I felt lost but I knew I had to take care of myself and there was some real meaning to life. Somewhere in that timeline, my angst began creeping outwardly. I accepted my temper, while watching the Sopranos. I relate best to the lead character, Anthony: the pressure of dealing with / finding / being oneself, and having that nagging aging mother (Livia Soprano) =P Deep down, I know it’s partly because of my father, the dictator and absolute, telling to me how i should dress, how my hair should look, etc. It’s the typical adolescent father-son relationship i suppose. Being extra stubborn didn’t help. I’ve have a problem with authority. I don’t like people to tell me what to do, especially persons who have no idea the circumstances orthose who walk with blinders and a narrow mind. Where is this entry leading? In my brief seven year career, I’ve always had problems with project managers, producers, etc. I don’t work well with those that 1) micromanage projects, 2) devise high-level project plans (tasks should be devised and divied by teh development team), 3) impose their will / power on the team (cause manager means “one who manages”, right?). I know project managers are critical, but they don’t need to tell me how to do my job; I am not so clueles. I enjoy projects which allow collaberation, bouncing ideas off skilled workers. Proj managers should serve as a conduit btwn the brilliancy of the project members and the client, Allow the team to set its own course. Well, good luck to me this week. It’s gonna be twelve hour days in a small conference room, trying to mend the mess I inherited. It’s not my fault, so why shoud I suffer? Cause I’m a monkey, a resource to get things done. ha ha ha. Seriously, I will try to play nice. I am a really a decent guy.