Old friends and current events.

i met up with an old friend visiting san francisco. We ate and drank (guinness) until we met head to head on the unruly topic of politics and this year’s election. He said he was not voting because he didn’t believe in Kerry and his indecisive positions on issues. That and he said to he was “too punk rock” to vote for such a weak candidate even with the fear of Bush’s re-election. Too punk rock? Didn’t Frankie play that on the MTV’s Real World San Diego? Punk died two decades ago and its ideals don’t even apply to today’s circumstances (is that the right word?). Punk is dead, over, caputts, etc. and its strength and principles have been gobbled by MTV and churned into a … whatever the fuck it is … For example, when does a “duet” of Sum 41 and Iggy Pop (one of the founders of the 60s punk movement) constitute music, let alone “punk rock?” It’s all bullshit and just a way for the big media company to make a buck, riding a icon to profits. Unless you have lived through the movement or the balls to do something “punk”, please don’t tell me you are. I’ve given up on the ideal of a fair and equal nation led by our two party system. Kerry may not be the absolute solution, but another four years of Bush and his corporate cronies nauseates me. Be punk as much as you want, but realize it’s not part of today’s reality. C’mon, only the more elder musicians are holding events to raise funds for the Democratic underdog. Where’s the youth and their energy to spark a better world? Oh, probably listening to that MTV crap and watching those mind-numbing summer movies (i.e. Catwoman). sigh too much to drink tonite … Kerry - Edwards 2004.