Singapore or bust!

Looks like I’m headed to the far east to work in Singapore! woo hoo! The engagement is multi-year, but I will only be there for approximately 4-10 months. That’s pretty broad, but the best estimate. I will be working long hours but will have the opportunity to see Asia and enjoy my time away from the office and from this country. Hmm, maybe I should pack my crap into storage and save a shitload of moolah … I am taking sabbatical for six weeks until early December when I fly thousands of miles to kick off the project. My time off will consist of swimming, exercising, reading and relaxation. I will be avoiding all that is my job. no code, no tech books, no sir ree. I am going to LA for a weekend to visit old friends and get out of the Bay Area, but the rest of the time is dedicated to healing my worn and battered soul. Did ya know, Phuket, Thailand is ~80 minutes from Singapore? =)