25 hours recap


My job hunt is over. I’ve accumalated ~25 hours in interview time: phone, take-home tests, algorithms, whiteboard psuedo-code, software design discussions, brain teasers, etc. Brutal to say the least. Thanks to the Y, G, W, S, and Z for the taking the time.Some things I’ve learned along the way:Expect to spend many hours interviewing for engineering positions in the Silicon Valley. These techies don’t mess around =)Traditional software companies (versus web tech corporations) prefer old-school engineers. It’s not a bad thing, but when teams desire the all-emcompassing GUI developer to work on their web applications, it’s difficult to hire precisely for the position. It’s not Swing, VB or a C++, but a munge of markup, CSS and procedural logic that’s used to define the user experience. 80% (prolly more) of front-end frameworks fall into this category.I may have been in the upper-tier of developers at Razorfish, but I have much, much to learn.Web UI has evolved into a software development position. It has always been, but more companies see the importance of good markup, well-designed scripting code, and early involvement of the UI engineers into (application) design. It is definitely not web production anymore.Fun, fun!