Fun at Y!


Today, I took my first baby steps at the Sunnyvale campus. I enjoyed the full day orientation, it really showed how much effort the company puts into their employees.the campus is beautiful and the amenities are bountiful. Seriously, the Yahoos! are spoiled. I enjoyed the perks of Razorfish, but they don’t even touch the dedication of the Y! employer-to-employee relationship. I don’t feel like a resource, worker bee or monkey anymore =)I’ve contributed 15% of my net pay to the Y! stocky purchase plan, so I’d better work hard and get that share price to split!Round two, err, day two tomorrow.FYI, I am beginning to migrate to Y! products (I oughta, right?), so my ‘slappy’ AIM handle is now nocturnal (vampire mode). Get me on YIM.