Z in the newz.

Zazzle was in the news today. I had interviewed with the ’em 3 months ago. I didn’t do well, so I didn’t get the gig, but it’s great to see Jan, Jeff and the rest of the “Z-team” finally surfacing from stealth mode. Ninjas, I tell ya….If you haven’t heard about Z, go to zazzle.com. In a nutshell (and a run-on), it’s a site where artists can join an online community, upload their unique pieces of art and sell their designs to web perusers who can select their favorites, choose something to put ’em on (like a shirt or hat) and blah-mo!: work of art!!! The shirts are really cool (meaning durable) because they are made of an extra-terrestrial material and can withstand a gazillions washes, your H2 (sellit already) and hungry, loosely-boweled pigeons. I didn’t get the recipe for the secret juice, so don’t ask.Seriously, it’s good stuff.Google backers put $16 mln into start-up Zazzle- //news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=storyu=/nm/20050718/tc_nm/z…