Wedding bells


I just received a wedding invitation for yet another wedding. Again, I’m flying back to the Chicago. I’ve already bought a inexpensive ticket back to the Bay Area. Departure fares are quite pricey during Labor Day weekend.

Brenda and I met in college, her frosh year and my second. We became good friends and study buddies since. We never dated, as I had interests in other gals, specifically her at-one-time roommates; that’s another tale, another time.

Her greatest qualities had to have been (and probably still is) her sense of empathy and compassion. I lived a reckless, empty life, binging on alcohol and other naughty addictions, and she always caught me before I hit rock-bottom. Actually, I hit the sidewalk and bounced a couple of times; then she’d be there …. =) She always encouraged me to do better, be more. I still read her letters and cards from time to time, especially when I’m down on myself. While in LA, I cherished ’em most as I sulked and brooded over life and its meaning. It kept me going. It made me pull my chin up a little higher.

We never were involved romantically, though there had been some mutual attraction. People assumed some sort of hanky-panky activities (she’d sleep over after studying), but honestly, there wasn’t any. Zilch. Harry didn’t meet Sally and we became buddies. Equally, a happy ending.

I’ve seen her twice since 1998 and I wish we kept in touch. It’ll be great to see her and probably a slew of old faces that I haven’t seen in almost a decade. Should be a grand ol’ time ….