Trophied (is that a real word?)


So our Answers team has won a special award for diligently fighting the forces of evil. Like the Emmys, the team is invited to fancy shindig in Palo Alto, dining with execs and fellow winners of this ‘supa-star’ award. I am also allowed to bring one guest with blessings to fly in whoever I need to feel less lonely.So I’ve narrowed my options to:6'2" well-bosumed (real, fake? doesn’t matter) blonde bombshell / Amazon in a rented very-expensive European car. I’d be so phat and important.Ask my rowdy friends to attend, drunk as a skunk, as my entourage. I’d look so cool, because my moronic buddies wouldn’t.A poledancer earning her way through Law school?Any interested female Googlers? That’d be funny =)Myspace. Uhh, no. Uhh, not a good idea at all.Auction an invite on Ebay. ‘Buy it now’: $100,000.Call my dark angel, Jess.Anyways, it should be a good time. I feel special. In that warm and fuzzy way. =P