D'oh Angel


I tried startin’ Season Dos of Dark Angel. Yowzas, what a let down. It lacked any coherency, charm, humor and character development from the initial season. Gone were the pop culture references and anything clever. Sure, the action scenes of the first season were laughable, but the story and slick jokes carried the series above a respectable grade.I reckon (blame it on) the studios who conduct their user studies and muck w/ the scripts and production, because they want to market to younger crowd. I call it, “being Smallvilled,” a dumbed-down soap opera where characters appear out of thin air, exchange cliches and do odd things w/o any reason (common sense). I guess it works for the studios, as long as the advertising dollars kepp on rollin’ ….Well, I didn’t get far into season two. It’s HORRIBLE. Everything cool, cute, whatever that season one offered, didn’t make it to its sophomore season. Whew, baaaaaaaaaad in a not-so-good way.