Will work for tires

What a long day. I’ve always set low expectations in life. When it’s good, I’m glad; when it’s alright, I’m happy.Today, I started a contract gig. New day, new work, new beginnings. Five miles south on the 280, my front left tire blew out. It wasn’t punctured, it just tore at the seams. I pulled over, unpacked the spare, the jack and a buncha tools. I admit, I’m a moron when it comes to autos. I can build a puter from parts, but I can barely change the windshield wipers by m’self.I called the client to give ’em the news. Luckily, he was driving from the Peninsula as well and looped back to help. Mind you, I’ve never met this guy. The German-born PhD Comp Sci grad helped replace the wheel, escorted me to the nearest gas station to fill up on air and then lead the way to work.As fortunate as I was, I still fumed over the crappy morning. I donned a mask of pleasantry on-site and concentrated on absorbing the webapp. PHPCake, Java backend, Subversion, blah, blah, blah….Afterwards, I stopped by Yahoo! HQ to have coffee w/ a colleague. Though we planned to meet btwn 4-5pm, she had to work in the city office and didn’t bother telling me.I did take the chance to visit m’ old crew, the Intl Tiger Team, once again cutting into worker productivity =) At least, there had been, somewhat, a happy ending.Tomorrow will be a new day. Let me flush this one away.