So, part I of m’ freelance gig w/ the Los Gatos-based startup ended yesterday. I start again next Wednesday on the next release.Consulting’s nice this way. I work in spurts and get paid for all the work I do. Some of the earnings will be spent as property taxes and the rest to pay off m’ recent purchases Macbook and vacuum tube CD player. So, what’s next? Options? Yep, of course. The Los Gatos startup wants to hire me, though they have very little dollars and is pitching for more funding. A couple of days ago, m’ former boss at Avenue A | Razorfish left a standing offer to rejoin the team. That was really nice, but I dunno if I could do round three. I’m meeting for lunch some folks from Current.TV (contract work). So, no worries. Not yet.I have a week off to hack stuff together, exercise a bit more and quit smoking for the fifth time this year. Tomorrow, I’m attending Lunch 2.0 at Zazzle and visiting former ol’ skool Razorfish colleagues.Decompression initiated.