In Rainbows

Today, Santa USPS dropped off a post-Christmas present, the uber album, In Rainbows from Radiohead. Fantastic set, colorful inserts, dos CDs, etc. Totally worth the $80+ US dollars! NOT!Still, I agree w/ the idea of packaging physical discs w/ bows and ribbons to encourage consumers to purchase physical merchandise rather than just download or bittorrent the MP3s. Actually, I did download the album months ago and paid nothing (they told me I could do that). Then I broke out m’ plastic and bought the gift set.I hope the media companies catch on and do the same, albeit the $80+ price tag is waaaay too much. I’m sure they can cobble together a Britney’s favorite line of panties (though I hear she doesn’t wear any) and new album, luring teeny boppers at an acceptable price of, let’s say, $12.99?Could work. It’s better than suing their customers for copyright infringement.