Dumb data

A year ago, I bought an Infrant NAS (network attached storage) to house all m’ digital media (including the dirty pr0n). I had hoped 4 drives would provide enough failsafe, but the appliance, not the disks, blew out last summer. Netgear, who bought Infrant, replaced it w/ a refurb. Two months later, the refurb blew out as well, just after the one year warranty expired.So, once again, I had 4 good disks, but no appliance. I couldn’t use any other device, because Infrant had propietary hardware AND software. All I could use was another Infrant box.So, this weekend, I “borrowed” and returned one from a local computer electronics store. Pain in the ass, but at least, I could move m’ data to another backup drive.The moral of the story: shit happens, and it always does, even when you haven’t eaten. Err, something like that.