Computers are crap

Not long ago, I wrote on m’ follies w/ data backup solutions. Lots of headaches and sighing. Since, I’ve been dreaming up schemes to work m’ backups.Perhaps a Sun box or Mac Pro Quad-core Workstation or Mac Xserve 1U server? Too expensive. Cheap Dell box w/ Wintendo or SUSE? That could work. Hmmmm.After much pondering, I am going w/ a Frankenstein approach.First, I bought a Antec P182 box, because it offered easy access and wire management. Once you open it up and install parts, you’ll see how easy it is to swap items. I’m using old parts, gutted from an old dev server. The plan is to NOT lock m’self into proprietary architectures and solutions. When shit hits the fan, I can recover, by buying cheap replacements. I might even run Windoze because configuration would be easy.If companies continue to sell consumer goods that fail every year or so, then what good is investing tons of cash into something so short-term?