I started a brand spankin’ new consulting gig w/ this week. Folks are cool, laid back and the office is less than a mile away.M’ boss and I took a walk ‘round the block and he asked about full-time employment. Frankly, I don’t know what I want career-wise. I don’t want to commit to a company if I don’t know what I truly want; thus, contracting short-term gigs are good enough.During interviews, I would tell folks bout m’ carrer path, “I dunno. I’ll probably be outta tech in 3-5 years.” Maybe that’s why I don’t advance in some interview processes =) If so, then I’d learn to be less truthful and sell m’self better …. uhhh, yeah.Seriously, I don’t know what I want to do. In the past eight weeks of underemployment, I’ve enjoyed an active and stress-free time-off, enjoying the fun of casual hacking, reading graphic novels (and real ones), swimming and spending time w/ friends. It’s been real hard to resell m’ soul back to work and the ‘urgency’ of everything in Silicon Valley. Well, until I get a clue, I shouldn’t fret it and continue to smile at the sun and dip m’ tongue in the pudding. Mmmm, tastes good!