Look at me on the interwebs.

How much can one infer from an online profile? Dunno, but Gumption has a good-read about interweb personas.Again, I don’t mean to equate Facebook with [online] dating, but I do think there are strong similarities. Perhaps the key differentiator, here, is that getting someone is not the same as getting along with someone.Empty those mindless hot-or-not debates and think hard about any Facebook profile. Can you extrapolate a person from their favorite movies, fave books, friends, installed applications, photos, etc.? And is this representation fair and should one be worried? Is Facebook face value? Probably not. And what about lifestreaming services such as Friendfeed, Dipity or Mybloglog?For m’self, I don’t mind the intrusion. Never had a stalker (that I know of) and those who know yers truly, especially close friends, will vouch for m’ sanity and righteousness. Hee hee. Frankly, I feel those that pass judgement w/o knowing and accepting the real deal …. well, they really don’t matter in the grand scheme of living.Knock on wood that nothing trapped within the petabyte crevices of search indices, I won’t get m’ ass handed to me for some silly tweet or Flickr comment o’ mine =)I posted a pic on Facestat.com, a community-based why-don’t-you-tell-me-something-about-me-by-this-here-damn-photo website. So far, the results are more humorous than fair: I am an Asian male, btwn 25-29, looks like every other Asian celebrity (Chow Yun-Fat, Jackie Chan), married or dating, somewhat smart, average in weight and most likely listens to Rap music. Yep, not really accurate; however, fun nonetheless.I do wonder what the ‘yahooza’ brand means / symbolizes to netizen “consumers” …. good? bad? ugly?