2009: a year of some kind of i don't know


As in last winter’s “year in review” entry, I wanna recap this year and how I’m looking forward to the next decade of the young millenium.I believe it’s been a stagnant year. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t productive. Sometimes the lack of events, the drama, is positive.

It hasn’t bore the fruit that I hoped: Working at a start-up is draining, emotionally and physically. After 1.5 years at Raptr, I left in late November. It wasn’t the easiest choice to leave my comrades. I made lifelong friends and cutting ties still leaves bittersweet feelings. The Raptr Kids (as we call each other) shot hoops, ping-ponged, threw darts, drank beers, ultimate frisbee-d, video-gamed, brewed each other coffee and worked extremely hard together as a team. You can’t get any better than that. So, why then? It was time. I did all I could and had nothing left in the tank. No real details to disclose, just time to move forward.

Personally, I’m still single and I’ve not grown a bit and haven’t for a long while in this arena. I’ve steered a very independent life and always have since forever, so it’s been hard to break old habits. I really need to change that. Time to move forward.

There are bright spots such as refinancing the mortgage to a 4.5% 15-year fixed loan. According to the numbers, I can (and want to) pay it off in 6-8 years. I really dislike debt. Really, really, really ….

Also, I visited Thailand to attend m’ little brother’s wedding. Congratulations to him and his bride :) And a few months before, I visited Chicago for m’ annual Midwest tour to see m’ roots. I reconnected w/ lot of old college friends, some of which I hadn’t seen since …. well, college! I also had the pleasure of meeting the next generation of misfit cuties, born to m’ lovin’ friends =)

So what’s next?

Right now, I’m unemployed and interviewing. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t get any of ’em; whatever happens will and I will be employed somewhere. I hope ;)

In m’ love life, I need to break out of m’ comfort zone and start dating again. I gotta figure out if someone can stand m’ eccentricities and love me. And, if I can snatch m’ fair maiden, I’d like to start a family. That’d be swell.

Read more. Exercise more. Listen and be more cognizant of others. Let things go and don’t take things too personally (one of m’ weaknesses).

So, onwards to 2010 …. Move forward, carry on ….BRING IT!