New year, new decade, new job

It’s a new year and w/ it comes a new job at Trialpay! After the last gig, I talked to a slew of companies, some that liked me, some that didn’t, some that made me an offer, some that just didn’t reply …. it’s a courtship ritual to see whether a prospective employee will fit within the company scheme, somewhat how personnel differ between 4-3 and 3-4 defenses in football, or Steve Nash’s run-and-gun offense differs from Yao Ming’s slow motion half-court sets.

The next chapter of work needed to be a company that embraced their employees, and whose process is more methodological and less chaotic. As I grow older, I still enjoy programming / software dev, but I don’t want to continue rapid cycles w/ frantic deadlines. Because developers implement new features while designing them against any future considerations (can this be reused or extended later?), fix old bugs (oops, it’s a problem and it’s in production), fix missing product defects (we’ve found out that the feature is cumbersome), hot-fixing on live servers (needs some TLC right now!), etc., it does takes a toll. Try doing that every two weeks. I hope I’ve found a fair middle ground in the new company: neither entirely big-company bureaucratic nor needing to wear out the worker bees.Also factoring in the decision is the fact that stress management has always been m’ achilles heel. I need to turn it down a notch and realize that It’s not life or death. Though, it’s easier said than done when there’s sooo much pressure to ship. It doesn’t mean slow, but slower relative to prior projects ;)

The official start date is Jan. 11 and I’ll have a nice two weeks off to collect m’self before I head back to the trenches.

It’s good to chill :)