Keep on movin'

Often, I will tell m’ friends, “what defines a person ain’t so much what one has gained, but rather what they let go.” The majority of ’em disagree, and they’re not wrong, but neither am I …. i think ;)

Throughout the earlier years of life, I held onto shit, regretting this or that to the point of it consuming me. It’s good to capture and reflect on an event or experience, but one has to let go and move forward. Life isn’t short-term. Don’t let the little things control your life or bog you down. It’s a journey, a ‘Big Picture’ journey …. it’s big, like Godzilla.

That’s why I’ve adopted this mantra, “Move forward, carry on.” imparted to me by a good friend. I can’t dwell on setbacks. I gotta keep pressin’ on.And that’s what i mean when about letting go: just keep on rollin’.