Observations in Thailand


Fun facts about my trips to Thailand:

  • I LOATHE mosquitoes.
  • Traffic is as bad as people say.
  • Everyone is very polite.
  • Citizens are humble and less individualistic than Americans. It’s refreshing.
  • Witnessing foreigners interact with their hired “companions” makes it all obvious, to the point of strange and cringeworthy.
  • Tourist destinations that cater to Western consumers play English pop songs over and over and over ….
  • The food is spectacular and inexpensive. Thai food in the States blows.
  • Several Thais commented that I looked Japanese — probably because of my pony hair.
  • None of the massage parlor girls shout at me, because I look Thai and walk with a hard grimace. Or, most likely, that I don’t look like a foreign patron of their services.
  • I speak (or try to) Thai with a hard accent. It’s my tell :)